Saturday, October 28, 2006


Advice on stocks

Continuing from my previous post, I am now invested mostly in companies with strong fundamentals, but most of them are not the large cap companies. I really have never had much of a taste for large cap companies, preferring to invest more in mid-cap companies that have more potential to grow. Of course, the caveat in that is mid-cap companies have to be researched more thoroughly and the risk levels is much higher. And even though all the mid-caps have not recovered from the May crash, any similar activity of the sensex is bound to affect them much more thoroughly.

What I will also be doing is to just list a few companies here that I am investing in, or planning to invest in. These are not my tips though, so in the case of anybody following these tips, bouqets / brickbats are not for me. These are based on the various articles that I read along with the various mailing lists and net articles that I browse. Obviously, if I am not enamoured of a recommendation, I will not post that here.

Currently, real estate stock are on a upswing. Some of the stocks that I am invested in and holding to are Ansal Housing, Ashiana Housing and Garnet Construction. These have advanced quite a bit after the crash, so 'buyer beware'. In the stock market, any money you make or lose is your own, hence any opinions you have should be your own as well.  

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