Saturday, August 28, 2010


Indian stock market update as of 29 August 2010

The Indian stock market is right now pretty directionless. The overall sentiment is more towards caution, wait and watch, and see whether there are any drivers towards increasing market movement. There are a lot of people screaming for a correction to happen, talking about it news articles, in blogs, updates, and so on.
The world economic situation is also fairly unstable; the 2 largest economies - the US and China both have their own problems. The US is being threatened by a dip back into recession, and China (even though it still posts huge increases in the economy) is starting to face its own problems in terms of some amount of social discord, more openness threatening to showcase some of the problems that China has hidden away. The EU zone is not doing so well either, and there is a movement in the EU to clear their debts through austerity measures, which are good for finances but do have an effect on consumption.
In India, the Government finally cleared the long pending Direct Tax Code, but no major changes in it; the Government kept on giving up on most of the reform measures, and has kept a number of exemptions in the code which was something that was supposed to be cleared from the DTC.
In terms of stocks, given the uncertainty in the market, if you are holding more volatile stocks, you should really get out of them unless you are able to take the risks. Invest in stocks you feel strongly about. Some of the stocks that I am currently tracking:
1. Reliance - I continue to feel enthusiastic about this stock in the long term
2. Action Construction Equipment - A small player, but seems to be well managed
3. Balaji Amines - Well posed to increase in value
4. Elecon Engineering
5. Uflex India
6. Jindal Poly

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