Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Stock update 23 Jan 2007

The ups and downs of the Indian stock market continues. Today the market suffered a 160 point drop. It however remains about 14,000 points (sensex). It is reported that for January so far, FII's have been net sellers. As usual, there are plenty of conflicting thoughts on what the future portrends. One line of thought is that FII's are worried that the market is at a high level and are waiting and watching. Additionally, thoughts about what the budget would contain are influencing the market. Another set of analysts are sure that the Indian economy are on a continous upswell, with the growth story still to fully unwind, and this will in turn make the market keep on moving, alebit with a very high level of volatility.

Some stocks that I am currently tracking:

1. Yes Bank - Rs. 155
2. Nucleus Software - Rs. 836 (has gone up a fair amount in the past, but I still believe in it)
3. Accel front line - Rs. 97
4. Axtel Industries Limited - Rs. 14
5. Zee Tele - Rs. 316

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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Stock update 13 Jan 2007

So more fireworks in the new year. Market suffered from immense volatility, going down and then tremendously recovering in 2 trading sessions to the extent that it has reached an all-time high.
Talking with several retail investors reveals that there is a lot of concern about whether the market has moved up too high too quick. I personally believe that it is good to be very cautious, especially when investing in companies from a speculative touch rather than based on fundamentals. Even more so if one is investing in penny stocks; when they go up, they can go up very quickly and very high, however there is a very good chance of getting caught when the stock starts declining and volumes go very low. So, be careful if you are playing a risky game. If you want to play the speculative game, keep very clear targets and keep on removing profit from such stocks.
Some stocks that I am tracking:
1. Nucleus software - Rs. 685. I have already made some profit on this stock, but am currently evaluating whether to buy more
2. Donear Industries - Rs. 216
3. Hikal - Rs. 394
4. North Gate Technologies - Rs. 1015

At this time, I am also looking to deploy some of the funds from profits into Mutual Funds. This will help me to reduce the risk to a certain degree, of course not completely since they are also equity based.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Stock Market Update for 4th Jan 2007

So the market has fallen a bit today (as I write this, the Sensex is down by 105 points), after closing above 14,000 the previous day. I have been speaking to other investors (not experts, just other investors, some of whom have done more research than me), and the feeling I get is that everyone is afraid that the party will pop; that there is a crash that is going to come.
The Indian stock market has crashed, sometime significantly, sometimes just doing minor gyrations, but each time it has recovered and surpassed previous highs. People compare the P/E for the Indian market with other emerging markets and believe that the Indian market is now more expensive.
As against this, the opposite opinion is that the Indian story is now emerging; Indian companies are giving good earnings growth, are aggressively courting other companies abroad and that consumption in India is growing at a good rate. This makes the country more attractive to FDI, and this also has a spin-off with FII's becoming more interested in the market. How long this will last is the question ? Is this just the start of a long increase ?
I have stayed put in certain stocks even after the May crash, typically construction and real estate stocks (Era Cons, Ashhiana Housing, Ansal Housing, Garnet, and so on), and even when these stock have gone up, they are still not so close to the previous levels. Will continue to hold onto these stocks. Some additional stocks that I am tracking and will purchase some of them are:
GHCL Limited - Rs 170
Lanco Infratech - Rs 260
Shree Ram Mills - Rs 542
International Combustion - Rs 350
Fortis Financial Services - Rs 124
Aro Granites - Rs 107
Walchandnagar Industries - Rs 1154
Asian Oilfield Services - Rs 36

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