Saturday, January 09, 2010


India stock market update as of 09 January 2010

The Indian stock market has seen a recent high, even though there are sporadic days when the market drops (although the drops have not been of the type that we would see earlier) when the market would suddenly drop by 200-400 points in the last one hour of the market. The growth rate in the Indian economy seems to be on the higher level, the Government is making all the right noises about continuing the growth stimulus and disinvestment of PSU's. However, the global economy still has a long way to go. China seems to be going strong, but a recovery in the US still is in fits and starts, and not a clean recovery.
Right now, the market has jumped up a bit, and there are fears of a correction imminent, but the trend overall seems to be that the market will keep on going higher (but one should have the courage to take the roller-coaster ride that comes with such a movement). For the past several weeks, I have been also looking at studying more technical indicators so that can see stocks for the short 2-3 weeks, as well as for longer periods.

Fundamental based stocks:
Mahindra Ugine - Rs. 60
JBF Industries - Rs. 102
Indiabulls Securities - Rs. 36
Sharyan Resources - Rs. 88
Walchandagar - Rs. 225
Rishi Lazer - Rs. 55

Technical trends upwards:
Andhra Bank
Maral Overseas
Bajaj Finserv
Financial Technologies

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