Friday, April 20, 2007


India Stock Market Update 20 April 2007

So the market seems to be a on roll now. Inflation has declined which makes people hope that credit squeeze days are gone, although I am not so sure. The RBI may decide to keep rates up till it gets a definite signal that inflation has been down for some time.
So this week has been mostly up, except for a decline on one day. The rise has been mostly lead by Reliance Industries which continues to look like the stock that all long-hold buyers should have in their portfolio, capable of returning good growth.
Another eagerly awaited metric was unveiled this week. The monsoon is depicted to be around 95% normal, which is good news for the market, since it means that there will be money available with rural consumers for purchases, and the rural segment is now seen as a sizeable portion of the market for a large number of products.
Some stocks that I am tracking:
1. JMC Projects - Rs. 233
2. India Bulls Real Estate - Rs. 303
3. Ashianna Housing - Rs. 285
4. Nirlon - Rs. 69 (more risky)
5. Era Constructions - Rs. 356

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