Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ominous news overall on the economy

The recession word is haunting markets the world over. The US was already in recession, and given its status as the driver of the world economy, it is not a good portent for the rest of the economies all over the world. Other economies are starting to get badly affected; the collapse of an economy such as Iceland typically is of concern only to the natives, but a recession in countries such as Germany (the largest powerhouse of the European Union), slow growth in Japan, reduced growth in China, all of these are very bad portents that the situation will get much worse before it gets better.
In India, things are getting bad. Reduction in inflation to less than 9% is the only bit of good news, else the shake in consumer confidence has had a drastic effect. Entire industries such as textiles (hit by loss of exports), IT (because of reduction in IT spending in the US), Consumer Goods / Auto (because of loss in confidence and hence reduction in spending), Realty (massively hit because people are unwilling to commit), Airlines (massive losses so far), and numerous other industries are being hit.
So, in the space of a few months, the Government and the RBI are trying to reverse all the measures they took earlier, such as a tight credit scene (they were trying to cut inflation, but also cut industrial growth due to the tight credit squeeze), the Government is willing to give measures to improve the lot of airlines, banks, mutual funds, and so on; with this being an election year, the Government will also try to ensure that they will do what they can to bring back the good times. The biggest question is about whether the Government can do anything substantial, other than wait for these recession times to pass over.

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