Tuesday, July 20, 2010


India stock market update - 20 July 2010

Interesting times in the Indian market. The Sensex is dancing near the 18,000 mark, even as the overall global economic indicators are none too good. There are already articles that are again talking about a decoupling of India and China (and we knew what happened the last time there was a of talk about decoupling of India and China from the overall economic situation, the pullout by FII's decimated the Indian indexes).
There is speculation in the market that the next couple of weeks could see a period of slowness, and maybe some amount of pulldown, so am evaluating all my current stocks to see which of these I can cash out and stay in atleast anywhere between 30-40% cash.
Stocks that I am currently tracking:
1. Action Construction Equipment (CMP Rs. 53)
2. Camlin (Rs. 34)
3. Bartronics (Rs. 150)
4. Exide Industries (Rs. 106)
5. Hind Rectifiers (Rs. 69)
6. Vimta Labs (Rs. 36.5)

One group that uses mathematical calculations to determine the technical targets for investing (link)

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