Tuesday, June 19, 2007


India Stock Market Update 19 June 2007

Been some time that I wrote about the Indian stock market, got somewhat busy. This was also the time when the DLF issue came and went. The price is near the high end of the range, Rs. 525. The sensex has been upto its usual tricks during this period, moving up and down. Today was a good day, with the market jumping up by 170 points. However, it is still some time away from the historic high of the sensex of 14,700 points, achieved a few months back.
Overall, how do things look ? On the inflation level, things are somewhat better now, but still have not hit RBI's comfort level, so the danger of a credit squeeze has not yet gone away. The Prime Minister and Finance Minister keep on making noises about reform, but the left promises to dispose of whatever these 2 propose, so things will remain fluid in terms of reform.
One major problems remains the tendency of the government to assume some things about what will hit the 'aam admi' (the common man). Hence, the Government wants to protect small retailers by proposing a cap on big retailers such as Reliance. This is crazy, and smacks of a license raaj kind of system. Similarly, the Government absolutely refuses to come out with a SEZ policy that can be stated as complete; due to pressures, whether from industry or otherwise, they keep on changing their policies.
Stocks that I am currently tracking:
1. Infosys Tech: Rs. 2000
2. Revathi: Rs. 797
3. Yes bank: Rs. 160
4. Torrent Cable: Rs. 167
5. IFCI: Rs. 50

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