Wednesday, July 30, 2008


India stock market update 30 July 2008

This has been a very strange month for the stock market and for the country as a whole. From the beginning of the month, the country has been debating the pros and cons of the nuclear deal (quite frankly, this deal would not have seen this controversy if the Left parties had not opposed it). With the Prime Minister finally standing firm and the Congress High Command standing right behind him, the month saw a lot of political tension. Amar Singh ran circles around the Left parties, and eventually the long running support of the Left was withdrawn to be reduced to a cobbled up support by the SP and many smaller such parties.
The stock market behaved along with these dips and rises. The market went up and down whenever it seemed like the Government was in a better position, and went down when the Government's position seemed to be doing down. Finally, when it seemed like the Government has the numbers, the market gave it a big thumbs-up. With the Left gone from its commanding position of choking the reforms process, and a reforms-friendly SP in (and the BJP being a supported of reforms), big money reforms seemed to be indicated.
Then the bomb blasts, and a measure by the RBI to bring down the inflation led to a further increase in interest rates. The economic outlook remains uncertain, so any buys need to be in safe and fundamental stocks such as Reliance, ITC, Infosys, ICICI, etc. No big money investment, but something like a regular SIP should be great.

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