Saturday, August 22, 2009


Indian stock market recommendations as of 22 August 2009

The Indian projections in the short and medium term (6 months) for the stock market are in a bit of a flux. The US recession has been declared to be on its last legs by the Fed Chairman, Bernanke; however the facts on the ground are a bit uncertain. The housing market (where the entire problems started) seem to be looking up, but the same is certainly not true for the jobs market where the joblessness claims in the US have only gone up in the last couple of months, confounding experts who expected that signs of a recovery would come with fewer jobs getting lost.
Even other critical parameters such as consumer purchasing (critical for an economy like the US) are not delivering on the promise of a improved recovery. In addition, there is some real bad news coming out from China where the market has reacted pretty adversely, giving jitters to the market overall. However, and this is the most confusing part, it would seem that the markets worldwide (especially in the US and India) seem to be fore-casting a recovery in the next 6 months to 1 year.
In India, there are some reasons to be cautious about such a recovery, even though India never went into a recession; the growth got reduced, sentiment was very badly hurt, and the stock market had a literal collapse. Right now, the drought has complicated matters, and both the drought combined with the still increasing swine flu will knock a couple of points off the growth rate and cause severe jitters to the Government.
The time is not bad to make investments in some stocks, and here are some stocks that I am tracking:
Whirlpool - With more Indians entering the middle class, the growth rate of consumer appliances is only likely to go up in the long term, and Whirlpool is poised to join in that growth
Bartronics - The company had shown a lot of promise in the year 1998, but the crash had crushed any positive news of the company. However, now reports are increasing the prospects of the company being able to gain from projected boon in RFID usage
Companies in the infra-structure area will increase as the rate of GDP growth increases, even though there remain concerns about stretching themselves thin, and having working capital problems. Companies in this area include Gayathri Projects, Core Projects, Kalindi Rail, Hindustan Contstruction, Gujrat Apollo, Jaihind Projects, JMC Projects
I am also starting to evaluate more risky areas, such as when companies are seen as potential targets, and you get multiple companies fighting for these. There is some good short term money to be made if you can identify.

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