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Obtaining duplicate copy of documents

People encounter this problem once in a while. You have invested money in a Fixed Deposit, or in Mutual Funds, or some other such investment method (including investing in a private company). Suddenly you find that you cannot locate the proof of such an investment (you could have lost it, it could have got destroyed in a fire or similar accident, or any other such reason). Panic sets in, after all, what do you do now ? Visions of losing your money come to mind.
The best method to prevent such an occurrence from happening is to make a copy of all your important finance documents and keep them in a safe location so that you have a backup. However, what happens when you have not taken this precaution ? Read this article to learn more (link to article):

To make sure you don’t have to dig deep in such a situation, here’s a guide on the process you can follow to get a duplicate copy of key documents such as NSC, FD, Form 16, Pan Card, mutual fund scheme, insurance policy and home loan papers. “If the papers, however, cannot be traced after reasonable efforts and you suspect they may have been stolen, a report at the nearest police station must be filed immediately,” advises Amitabh Singh, partner — tax & regulatory services at Ernst & Young.
To ensure there is no misuse, instantly inform the respective departments about the loss of original papers/document/policy. The next procedure should be to apply for a duplicate. As a policy, most financial schemes allow for issuance of duplicates on payment of a nominal fee. According to post office regulations, you can get a duplicate certificate issued if loss of the certificate has arisen out of theft, mutilation, defacement. You would be required to send an application to the post office where the NSC was issued.

Similarly, for Mutual Funds, you should contact the AMC. The advantage for Mutual Funds is that they issue statements every few months as per their pattern, and those are equally valid. As recommended, make sure that you keep a duplicate copy beforehand. To get a copy later takes more effort and running around multiple locations, but it is possible and something you should work through.

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