Sunday, November 05, 2006


More stocks to track

Based on some of the emails that I read, there are quite a few additional stocks in the Indian stock market that I am tracking. For example, BSES (Reliance Energy) is moving up slowly in the last few days. It can be taken note of. ITC is one stock that has remained fairly stable for the last few months, but I would like to remain in this company for the long term. I believe that along with Infosys and Reliance, ITC is another stock that I will liquidate only in a grave financial emergency.

Some other smaller stocks that I am tracking are BASF, NPR Finance, Austin Engg, Ambika Cotton, Steelcast, Hester Pharma, GKW, BL Kashyap, Zenith Fibre. I am go in for buying some of these stocks after reading some more opinions and taking a look at how its performance is doing.

Hotel stocks have finally started moving up, it is not so big even now, but prices are higher from the last time that I talked about this.

HFCL is one stock that I remain very cautious about. It seems to have given a good performance, but I have been burned by this stock twice in the past, and I am not too confident about its management and its ability to hold its own. Maybe better to invest in other stocks that are safer.

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