Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Stock update 23 Jan 2007

The ups and downs of the Indian stock market continues. Today the market suffered a 160 point drop. It however remains about 14,000 points (sensex). It is reported that for January so far, FII's have been net sellers. As usual, there are plenty of conflicting thoughts on what the future portrends. One line of thought is that FII's are worried that the market is at a high level and are waiting and watching. Additionally, thoughts about what the budget would contain are influencing the market. Another set of analysts are sure that the Indian economy are on a continous upswell, with the growth story still to fully unwind, and this will in turn make the market keep on moving, alebit with a very high level of volatility.

Some stocks that I am currently tracking:

1. Yes Bank - Rs. 155
2. Nucleus Software - Rs. 836 (has gone up a fair amount in the past, but I still believe in it)
3. Accel front line - Rs. 97
4. Axtel Industries Limited - Rs. 14
5. Zee Tele - Rs. 316

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Dear Ashish,

I have always liked your blog. Could you please tell us why you don't post more often here?

Looking forward to it and to future partnerships.


Goldstone India

Thanks for your compliments.

Why I don't post more often; no specific reason, I have other blogs, and some of them are easier to post than this one. I need to target a post every 2 days on this blog, so let me try this out for some time.

I like your blogs, good for investors.
Hi Ashish,

Sorry for replying so late we have been busy looking for new people to help us move ahead.

Best of luck.

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