Saturday, January 13, 2007


Stock update 13 Jan 2007

So more fireworks in the new year. Market suffered from immense volatility, going down and then tremendously recovering in 2 trading sessions to the extent that it has reached an all-time high.
Talking with several retail investors reveals that there is a lot of concern about whether the market has moved up too high too quick. I personally believe that it is good to be very cautious, especially when investing in companies from a speculative touch rather than based on fundamentals. Even more so if one is investing in penny stocks; when they go up, they can go up very quickly and very high, however there is a very good chance of getting caught when the stock starts declining and volumes go very low. So, be careful if you are playing a risky game. If you want to play the speculative game, keep very clear targets and keep on removing profit from such stocks.
Some stocks that I am tracking:
1. Nucleus software - Rs. 685. I have already made some profit on this stock, but am currently evaluating whether to buy more
2. Donear Industries - Rs. 216
3. Hikal - Rs. 394
4. North Gate Technologies - Rs. 1015

At this time, I am also looking to deploy some of the funds from profits into Mutual Funds. This will help me to reduce the risk to a certain degree, of course not completely since they are also equity based.

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