Sunday, June 24, 2007


India Stock Market Update 24 June 2007

Is there hope for the stock market right now? There are signs that with inflation down, things may seem to be better on the credit squeeze. The credit squeeze caused money to become more expensive, and if inflation remains down for some more time, we will stop hearing all the comments about the 'aam admi' hurting, and industries will get easier credit for their expansion plans. This is the chief way to get higher growth, and one should mostly ignore the left parties.
The Government seems to be making an effort to get some pension funds into the equity market (even under some tight controls), and if they manage to get past the obstacle of the left parties, there will be a lot more funds coming into the market.
At the same time, the Finance Minister is dropping hints about the floating of more PSU's into the equity market, but unless the PSU's are given more functional autonomy, it really would not benefit them too much. PSU's have been trailing private sector companies in growth of their share prices, and this is primarily because they take their policies from the government, and government policies are not dictated only on the basis of economic considerations.
Some stocks that I am currently tracking:
1. Ashiana Housing: Rs. 190
2. Reliance Capital: Rs 1088
3. Praj Industries: Rs. 489
4. JMC Projects: Rs. 255

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