Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Recommendations for the Indian stock market as of 29 Sept 2009

We are approaching a stage where the market is seemingly over-heated. Quite a few mid-caps have shows levels that are 3-4 times what they were just a few months back, and even with improvements in the overall market, there is a sense of uneasiness. I was speaking to somebody who does deals (M&A), and he was of the opinion that this resurgence has already gone to promoters head, they are back to asking for high rates for their companies capital that was seen before the melt-down, and this was substantiated by a report in the Economic Times that claimed that deal makers are headed off to China rather than India since they do not see too many deals happening in India.
The US economic data seems better, but there are blips when the economic data seems to suggest that one needs to watch signs of recovery carefully, and not assume that everything will go fine. What this translates into for the retail investor is that you should be careful, do not start to again assume that stocks will only go up. If you have made a lot of profit, then remove some of that profit and put into safer instruments, and use the remainder to play in the market. One thing we learnt from last time is that there is no easily defined floor below which the market would not fall - it kept on falling for many months, and retail investors kept on waiting.
Stock that I am current tracking (or buying):
1. Rishi Lasers
2. KLG Systel
3. Supreme Industries
4. Patel Airtemp
5. Nilkamal
6. VST Tillers
7. Reliance (long term)

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