Wednesday, June 27, 2007


India Stock Market Update 27 June 2007

The market made a small down, but has been hovering up and down. There are a number of people who are worried that a correction is imminent, since small caps have started moving up, and large caps are slowly drifting down. Everything depends on how the earning numbers for the quarter looks like, but if things start falling because of say the high interest rates or because of the fall of the dollar, a medium correction could happen.
Long term, the growth story seems intact, but it will have a lot of twists and turns, with the market bouncing all over. There are still plenty of stocks with growth potential, but one should not get worried if a stock suddenly falls one day and up the next. Textile remains in the doldrums, and real estate is starting to get worrying because of the stagnation in the market and the fact that experts are calling a decline in the market. There was a story in the paper about smaller property builders trying to liquidate their holding because the market is not so good anymore.
Some of the stocks that I am currently tracking:
1. Bartronics: Rs. 141
2. Supreme Industries: Rs. 210
3. KLG Systel: Rs. 450
4. Yes Bank: Rs. 171
5. Nucleus Software: Rs. 1000

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