Saturday, July 14, 2007


India Stock Market Update 14 July 2007

The market is now at all-time highs. The news by Infosys about the effect due to a declining dollar on its margins as well as the guidance failed to shake the market. It's not only the India effect which is guiding the market to all-time highs. It is also the massive liquidity available that is pumping the market to these new levels.
The problem with such levels is that the market tends to be very volatile; so for example, in previous jumps we have seen that the jump could be just in large caps and the midcaps remain where they are; or in the current case where large caps (and market movers) such as Infosys and Reliance have not moved much, most of the action being in engineering and real estate companies (part of mid-caps).
Be very careful at such levels. I am trying to ensure that shares I have bought earlier for speculation and that have jumped a lot are slowly getting sold so that if a fall comes, I am more invested in fundamentally safe companies that will fall less. It is a certain bet that if a fall comes, shares in junk companies fall so fast that investors don't know what hit them.
Some stocks that I am tracking are: (most of these are long term)
1. Yes Bank: Rs. 183
2. Adhunik Metaliks: Rs. 63
3. Bartronics Ltd: Rs. 163
4. Ion Exchange: Rs. 146
5. IVRCL Infrastructure: Rs. 421

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