Thursday, November 16, 2006


Indian Market 16 Nov 2006

The Indian stock market seems to be going towards higher and higher targets. It has already hit the 13500 target, and is seemingly very dizzy. There are not so many people at this time who are doing the doom and gloom part, in fact, most analysts tout the good earnings, Indian growth story as reasons for the stock continuing to jump high.
This is time when I start to worry about a correction. It is when things are going so high that people start to worry about whether this will last and think that maybe this is a good time to book profits, and when this starts to happen at FI and FII level, the market starts tanking.
Anyhow, here are some of shares (recommended by others) that I am tracking, but it is time to be much more careful about sinking in fresh money. Next time, I will also review performance of some of the shares that I have mentioned as tracking earlier.
1. Excel Ind - 53
2. Tata Elxi - 263
3. Prime Textiles - 142
4. Century Textiles - 610
5. Birla Corporation - 352
6. Country Club - 351

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