Sunday, August 12, 2007


India Stock Market Update 12 Sun 2007

What a week. Stocks jumped up and down, but mostly down. With the global fears of the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market along with the associated impact on financial institutions all over the globe who had funds linked in some way. With more and more complex instruments in the financial market for covering loans and mortgages, a lot more firms are now involved. The first impact was on Bear Sterns that found some of its funds badly hit, and then other institutions started getting hit. And then doom and gloom stories started appearing.
What seems like has happened is that central banks in the US and in Europe have decided to step in order to boost sentiment. There is nothing more important in the financial market than sentiment, since sentiment is what decides whether there is buying or selling. In the Indian market, after the blood-bath, I noticed one thing. Since as an experienced crash hit person, I am now less into risky instruments and more into firms that have good fundamentals. So, even though the crash has hit my shares left right and center, I am still not so badly hit, with many stocks still doing okay, and some of them even going up.
I am trying an experiment, with a gadget to the left that will have some of the shares recommended, at current price along with quantity of 100. As time goes by, I will add more. This will help me to see whether the shares that I list as tracking are actually doing well.
Shares currently tracking:
1. Adhunik Metalics - Rs. 76
2. Bartronics - Rs. 183
3. Era Constructions - Rs. 599
4. Hindustan Constructions - Rs. 127
5. KLG Systel - Rs. 432

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