Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Market tracks on 29 November 2006

Today was just another day on the Indian stock exchanges. The market finally closed positive, but not by much, only 14 points for the Sensex. Trade was volatile, but as we have seen over the past 1-2 years, there is nothing new in that. The market normally is volatile nowadays, and so today was another similar day.
Have started hearing that cement stocks are on the upswing, but will wait a bit to see whether that is likely. Sugar stucks continue to be in the dumps; wondering whether it is time to be contrarian and pick up a few of the better managed sugar stocks. Still waiting for hotel stocks to reflect the incredible occupancy rates for hotels.
Stocks that I am tracking:

Lotus Chocolates: Rs. 7.4
GE Capitall: Rs. 147
Aro Granite: Rs. 107
Celebrity Fashion: Rs. 120
Mukand Engineering: Rs. 31.8
Fortis Financial: Rs. 74.2
First Leasing: Rs. 44
Gayatri Projects: Rs. 337
Hikal Chemical: Rs. 395

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