Sunday, November 26, 2006


Stock Update as on 26 Nov 2006

There are plenty of articles nowadays about the retail investors starting to come back into the Indian seconday equity market, the ones who were badly scarred after the May 2006 crash. These sort of news scares me to some extent, because I believe that this is a double edged sword. It is widely believed that the Indian investing public invests a very insignificant portion of their savings into the stock market, the belief being that if this level of investment in the market grows, then the Indian market will see a true explosion. On the other hand, it is also true that when investing in the market becomes a buzz and your office boy starts talking about it, then the market is going to crash. We seem to be seeing both things happen, and I am hoping that we may have corrections, but no crash. Am not sure that my heart is strong enough to bear 3 horrible stock market crashes in 2 years.

Stocks that I tracking currently:

1. Taj GVK: Rs. 219
2. NCL Ind: Rs. 50
3. India Cements: Rs 230
4. Bartronics India: Rs. 106
5. Praj Industries: Rs 191
6. Gateway Distriparks: Rs 186
7. Cable Corporation: Rs 3.76 (careful)
8. Shree Ram Mills: Rs. 490
9. Sadbhav Engineering: Rs. 440

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I have sadbhav Eng.
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