Saturday, December 30, 2006


Stock update Dec 30 2006

The year is coming to an end (in fact ended for the stock market). One should relax for the last day of the year, and only pick up the threads of the stock market after this last day of the year.
The year has seen major volatility on the market, pretty much unprecedented. Markets have crashed and burned in the past, but they have not jumped up and down like yo-yo's in the past. I am sure that this past year has seen the exit of a number of investors who have not been able to bear the volatility. In my case, I have hardened my heart to the jumps of the market and am resolved to stick through the normal ups and downs.
Just yesterday, I, with a heavy heart sold off a stock from which I had high hopes, Noida Toll Bridge. Overall I made 10% gain in 1 year on this stock, which was too little given the opportunity that this year has provided.
The market has almost managed to climb back to the 14k peak, so it is a very risky zone, and any fresh purchases should be done with extreme caution.
Some of the stocks which I am currently holding or tracking are:
Era Constructions, Supreme Ind, Jaihind Projects, Ashiana Housing, Indiabulls, Voltas, Gallant Metals, Allianz Sec (although this one has gone up quite a bit and is now pretty risky), Fortis Financial, Aro Granite

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