Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Stock update 07 Feb 2007

The bumpy ride continues, but with an upward trend. Indian equitites had a good day on the 7th of February, and the sensex closed within kissing distance of 14,700. As always, predictions at this level (given past history) is that people are very careful of what they buy, and desist from being too speculative unless they are prepared to handle the risk. Stocks are at a high, and this is a good time to get out of stocks that seem speculative. And, with a twist, there are reports that FII's are buying in the market for the past few days, and that is an impulse to push the market sentiment up.

Some of the stocks that I am tracking are:

1. Jupiter Bioscience - Rs. 182 (more risky)
2. Garnet - Rs. 74 (more risky)
3. Voltas - Rs. 102
4. Northgate tech - Rs. 974
5. Surya Roshni - Rs. 73
6. Nucleus Software - Rs. 1013 (been jumping a lot already)
7. Futura Polyester - Rs. 28
8. Reliance Industries - Rs. 1393 (long term growth stock)

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